The BBC Team

BBC was founded in 2001 to provide low cost, low risk, solid sales outcomes for businesses wishing to enter new markets, whether in Australia or internationally.  With over A$108 million new sales revenue directly generated for our clients, it’s not just talk – we are about delivering results.

Our highly experienced Executive Team and Operational Consultants bring significant depth of knowledge across a variety of industry sectors, providing strength and consistency of services.  Our team members have been Senior Executive leaders in the public service, and service providers in government and industry.  This provides your company with a unique combination of capabilities and understanding.

Beyond Business Connections builds cooperative partnerships which facilitate access to new opportunities to create successful outcomes for clients.  Over the 16-year life of the company, BBC’s team of dedicated professionals, working with businesses both in Australia and overseas, have a strong and consistent track record of delivering multi-million dollar projects and partnerships.

These partnerships, facilitated by BBC, have seen multi-billion dollar companies come together to create new business opportunities which have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales revenue for the clients.

Executive Team Profiles

Peter Askew – Managing Director and founder

Peter has been actively supporting the development and growth of businesses for over 25 years. Peter has personally developed, from start-up, three successful small businesses over the past 15 years.  In each of these businesses, he has been responsible for securing the start-up and development capital necessary to achieve growth objectives.  Peter has an extensive network of business development partners both in government and the private sector in New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, India and Virginia, USA.

Peter has been the main driver of all BBC’s projects listed on the Experience page.  Peter has a strong foundation of bringing people together to form successful partnerships, including creating several billion-dollar joint ventures.  Peter has led many successful projects in targeted tendering, outsourcing and securing government grant funding.

Graham Bashford – Shareholder / Executive Advisor

Now retired from the public sector, Graham was previously the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Centrelink, a 25,000 person Australian Federal Government agency.  In this role, Graham was responsible for the acquisition and retention of new Government Agency business.

Earlier in his career, Graham was General Manager of Defence and Government at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he led a team of 48 people to successfully bid for and win a number of multi-million dollar projects.

As General Manager at Auslig, Graham had responsibility for developing partnerships with state governments and leading the development of a number of successful multi-million dollar World Bank-funded projects into Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Ian Excell – Shareholder / Executive Advisor

Ian is currently a successful consultant assisting smaller IT vendors to gain a presence in the Australian Federal Government market. Ian’s substantial reputation has been built through his diverse professional background.

Over a 20 year period, Ian worked in a variety of sales and management roles, including for Australian re-sellers servicing the Australian Federal Government market and a North American based multi-national software company to establish a presence in the Federal Government market. Ian has held branch management and national government lead roles, achieving substantial annual growth.

Operational Consulting Team

Beyond Business Connections also draws upon a number of highly skilled and experienced consultants based in Australia (Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne) and India that consistently achieve excellent results and a high degree of satisfaction for our clients. We will put together the most appropriate team committed to achieving the agreed results every time. If you require any further information on the specific skills and experience of our consultants please contact us.

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