Beyond Business Connections has created successful relationships with a wide variety of clients, from small start-ups to large multi-national companies. With the help of BBC, our clients have achieved new sales revenue in excess of A$108 million.

AAPT logo


Industry: Telecommunications
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Develop and implement a new strategy for sales to government
Result: A$75 million of new business with the Australian Federal Government

AMP logo

AMP Financial Services

Industry: Financial services
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Develop business strategy for launch into Tokyo, Japan
Result: Successful joint-venture with NEC Japan

AT&T logo


Industry: Telecommunications
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Undertake market intelligence for organisations in Government market
Result: Developed a Phase 1 market launch strategy for the targeted market

Call Time logo

Calltime Solutions

Industry: Telecommunications
Business size: Private
Project: Develop a new business unit and product
Result: Formed a team to apply for an AusIndustry R&D Start Grant. Successful in obtaining $2.3 million in Government assistance

Centra logo

Centra Software

Industry: Communications software
Business size: Private
Project: Develop and initiate a major national expansion launch strategy
Result: Identified and qualified 200 new major customers for the company. Created a new campaign to raise the awareness of Centra in Australia, including a national demonstration road-show.

HP logo

Compaq (now HP)

Industry: ICT
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Undertake a preliminary market intelligence program to qualify the client’s potential success in a multimillion-dollar project with the Australian Taxation Office
Result: Delivered an extensive evaluation report defining the recommended approach to the project


Industry: Software
Business size: Private
Project: Conduct comprehensive market intelligence identifying and qualifying opportunities for the client with the Australian Federal Court
Result: Identified and qualified potential clients and developed a market entry strategy for top 10 clients

Inchcape logo

Inchcape Telecommunications (Part of Inchcape Global Marketing)
Industry: Telecommunications
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Develop a new business unit targeting major government and defence opportunities
Result: A$17 million in new business revenue


Industry: Security
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Identify and qualify partnerships with Australian companies
Result: Identified a suitable Australian partner to provide Infovergix with a world-class capability in the Indian Government security market

NSW logo

NSW State and Regional Development
Industry: Government
Business size: Government
Project: Develop and implement an e-Government initiative for Australian companies.
Result: Worked with a number of Australian companies to target the significant projects (in excess of £8 billion over the following 3 years) in the UK e-Government initiative

Invest Northern Ireland logo

Invest Northern Ireland
Industry: Business development
Business size: Private
Project: Development of targeted launch program for Northern Ireland companies
Result: Secured significant new opportunities for the Northern Ireland companies with a number of partnerships and alliances developed with Australian companies

Prometheus logo

Industry: ICT/software
Business size: Private
Project: Tender management and coordination services for a major tender
Result: Substantially enhanced the client’s tender response templates and processes with further engagement to assist in the client’s general business growth strategies

Recruitment Systems logo

Recruitment Systems
Industry: Software
Business size: Private
Project: Support the development of new business initiatives and ACT Government knowledge fund grant application
Result: Successful in receiving R&D grant and implementing new business growth initiatives

TATA logo

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)
Industry: IT services, business consulting
Business size: Multi-national
Project: Assist TCS to develop several bids to the Australian Government
Result: Successful market leverage achieved

Tower Software logo

Tower Software

Industry: Software
Business size: Private
Project: Evaluate and qualify Tower’s eligibility to submit a multimillion-dollar Research & Development grant application
Result: Submitted a comprehensive report including a suggested plan of action for the client

Walton Construction logo

Walton Construction

Industry: Construction
Business size: National
Project: Create a new entity targeting major construction projects
Result: This new division saw a significantly expanded capability to target new vertical markets and multi-million dollar projects, resulting in the client’s completion of over 160 million dollars in mining accommodation projects.